Termination is abortion

Medical abortion procedure is a non surgical procedure where medication is used to bring about abortion process and done on the same day. We offer abortion Pills at the best prices we also offer abortion procedures at our abortion clinics across Durban, here we use medication to bring about abortion. In Durban and other places in the province, medical procedures are considered to be safer than surgical. 

Abortion Clinics In Durban, 

termination of pregnancy pills
pregnancy abortion


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Dr Sma Abortion Clinic In Durban, Providing Professional Abortion Services Around Durban Area, Trust Us With Your Women’s Health Problems, We Have Women Specialist At Your Service.

Having Sixteen Years Of Experience In This Particular Niche, We Are Honored To Represent Our Thorough Legal Abortion Services And Women’s Health Care Aids As One Of The Best Health Care Services In Our Country.

We Put Our Patients As Our First And Foremost Priority; Hence All Our Services Are Generated In A Manner That Will Synchronize With Your Specific Needs, Marking Excellency Of Our Services. Our Safe And Complete Professional Care Is Attainable At An Extremely Economical Cost, Forming Its Wide Exposure To A Large Number Of Populations.

Safe Abortion Pills South Africa

termination of pregnancy pills
safe abortion pills

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Abortion Pills is the most frequently used method because most women cannot afford the alternative abortion methods. Abortion Pill is safe and cheap. It is used the worldwide. And it is effective for early termination of pregnancy. Two type of pills can be utilized or one type. Either way you will get the required results same day.

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Medical abortion (abortion by pills). Abortion pills can successfully complete abortion from 45 minutes. We also offer suction aspiration and abortion pills procedures which are performed same time same day. Our experts will advise on which procedure that is suitable for you. Our services are same day, no overnight stay or parental consent is is required. Just walk in during day Prices are affordable and negotiable. Only cash payments accepted for now till further notice. We deliver abortion pills to your address when you order. Order

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