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Medication abortion also called the abortion pill is a safe and effective way to end an early pregnancy.

Safe Abortion welkom

Sma Abortion Clinic In free state welkom and, Providing Professional Abortion Services Around Free state and Surrounding Area.

Trust us with your women’s health Problems, We have women Specialist at your service.

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Having sixteen years of experience in this particular niche, we are honored to represent.

our thorough legal abortion services and women’s health care aids as one of the best health care services in our country.

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We put our patients as our first and foremost priority; hence all our services are generated in a manner that will synchronize with your specific needs, marking excellency of our services.

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Our safe and complete professional care is attainable at an extremely economical cost, forming its wide exposure to a large number of populations.
In our recent times, women health care issues have increased rapidly. At Doctor Lerato Abortion Clinics, women health care issues are given the utmost importance at any minute of the day.

We take specialized care of sexual problems, abortion procedures and so much more. Our doctors not only treat gynecological problems of women.

but also they provide assistance in specific reproduction problems or terminating a pregnancy.

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What are the types of abortions?
abortion works by using pills to take a pregnancy out of your uterus.

There are a couple of kinds of  abortion procedures. Your doctor or nurse will know which type is right for you, depending on how far you are into your pregnancy.

Safe abortion (Abortion use pills) is the most common type of abortion.

It uses gentle to empty your uterus. It’s usually used until about 20 weeks after your last period

How effective are abortions pills?
abortions pills are extremely effective. They work more than 99 out of every 100 times.

Needing to get a repeat procedure because the abortion didn’t work is really rare.

When can I get an abortion pills?
How early you can get an abortion depends on where you go.

In some places, you can get it as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test after the first day of your last period.

How late you can get an abortion depends on what doctor, abortion clinic, or Planned Parenthood health center you go to.

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It may be harder to find a health care provider who will do an abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy, so it’s best to try to have your abortion as soon as possible.

What is the abortion pill?

Medication abortion
also called the abortion pill is a safe and effective way to end an early pregnancy.

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