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East London Abortion Clinic

In first instance Abortion Clinic In east London From R300 Safe Abortion pills if you less than a week


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in all woman Facing a pregnancy that wasn’t planned and looking for information about an abortion clinic in East London.

Access Safe Abortion Procedures in Your Area. Contact Us & Schedule an Appointment Now. Know Your Options & Learn the Facts before Getting an Abortion.

Visit Our Clinic Today! Abortion Clinic In East London, Eastern Cape East London Buffalos City eastern cape. A Safe & Legal Way to End Your Pregnancy. Stop by Our Abortion Clinic Today. From R300.

there fore Sma women’s clinic, we are proud of our reputation for providing safe abortion services to each patient with distinctive care and utmost respect.

Because of this, we receive many referrals from doctors, hospitals, and abortion clinics across the nationwide.

here We offer same-day appointments Sundays through Saturday and Sundays with an appointment.

East London Abortion Pills


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for instance SMA women’s abortion clinic provides medical or abortion pills in East London for women to terminate early pregnancy before it results in the birth of a child. The abortion procedure used by our women’s medical care providers comprises two different medicines, the  also known as for termination pills.

Medical Abortion Clinic In East London

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in most cases Abortion clinics In East London , Call /What’s app 0817033564 | women’s clinics in East London  provides a range of approved abortion services up to 24 weeks pregnancy(s) medical abortion , aspiration and medical procedure at affordable costs.

Safe Abortion Use Pills

here at abortion clinics In East London  have national reputation providing highest quality abortion service | abortion procedures at low prices in a safe , private and caring environment . kindness , courtesy and respect .
we offer different abortion methods to terminate 1 to 24 weeks  of unplanned pregnancy(s).
These  methods include the medical abortion | abortion pills , aspiration procedure

They are designed to naturally release a woman’s pregnancy  in a gentle and safe way, which does not cause damage.
With the abortion your Board Certified OB/GYN will apply a gentle amount of pressure that results in the natural release and termination of pregnancy tissue.
we also offer abortion this is an operation in a clinic to remove the fetus . you can have abortion up until 24weeks of pregnancy.

Medical Abortion | Abortion Performed by pills

from R300 

How long does the abortion  medication procedure take?
Some women (2-5%) may begin to bleed after using it in the medical rooms . Even so you must use it as instructed.
Most women find it stressful or emotionally difficult to be in medical offices and wish to complete the process in the comfort of their homes.

How Effective Is Medical Abortion


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Dr. SMA Abortion clinics In East London  offers are approximately 98% effective.
the abortion medication will terminate the pregnancy (s) with no side effects  at a very low cost.

medical abortion costs . abortion pills prices from R300 if less than one week .

aspiration procedure

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Although the number of women in the South Africa are choosing abortion by pills increasing each year, abortion pills is currently the most common method used for abortions during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. In 2010, about 72% of all second trimester abortions were  abortions abortion pills.

Abortion Services

  1. Abortion by pills
  2. Termination Pills

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at sma clinic’s main goal is to provide private and compassionate abortion services . We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care at affordable price for women in NEED of abortion around Southern Africa

We deliver  abortion medication around South Africa

We deliver abortion pills to those who want to have the self medicate option at home or a place of their choice  , avoid queues ,parking problems.

to places around  Southern Africa . get the abortion pills (medical abortion)from your nearest post office pep or post-net or it can be delivered to any delivery point nationwide including office , homes or your holiday destination within hours. or after one day. 0817033564.

Abortion Clinic In East London, Eastern Cape

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Best Abortion Clinic In East London

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Abortion Clinic Abortions Termination SERVICES Medical Abortion is a form of early abortion caused using abortion pills ,  that is an option for women who are 28 weeks pregnant or less.

Also known as abortion pills or medication abortion. During the first appointment you receive the  pill to take orally.

in 4hours onwards you get your periods back , in the privacy of your own home, you take the the  medication. causes contractions resulting in a menstrual periods.

Medical Abortion Clinic In East London

From R300 when less than 3weeks pregnancy

 the Medical abortion is when specific medication is administered to women for termination of pregnancy.

the Safe Abortion Pill in our clinic. This specific medication is approved by the South African Medicines Control Council and must be taken strictly as prescribed.
Sma women Clinic is committed to providing the highest quality of obstetrical and gynecological care to women of all ages.

Our dedicated staff aim to treat each patient and her life concerns with compassion and respect.

mostly sma abortion clinic dedicated group of receptionists, nurses, and physicians have worked together as a team for years caring for the women of Southern Africa and its surrounding area.

The years of commitment of our staff to Woman’s Clinic and our patients span from three years to four decades. Thus, Sma women Clinic offers the most experienced and dedicated staff in Africa
It’s important to know your options. At SMA Gynecology we are not an impersonal clinic, we are a privately owned and operated doctors office with over 35 years of experience.

Offering a wide variety of abortion services mainly Using abortion Pills to help GP women receive the best possible care.

Professionalism and quality remain the hallmark of Sma women center for abortion.

Women’s Clinic In East london

Safe termination Of pregnancy

Abortion Women’s Clinic is a legalized Abortion Clinic in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa offering ultimate Services in abortion with an experience of years.

Our abortion centers are equipped with primary facilities hence creating a private environment with privacy, efficiency and discretion. You will be the only patient in the clinic.

Our staff includes a gynecologist, registered nurse, and a counselor at your care. Our Abortion Prices are affordable to all South Africans hence preventing Unwanted Pregnancies.

Deliveries are done to those who can’t come in due to work related issues at no cost. Medical Abortion

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