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What are some of the reasons for choosing to have an abortion?

A woman may choose to have an abortion because:

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  • Having a child would interfere with her work, school or other responsibilities
  • She can’t afford to have a child
  • Her relationships are not conducive to bringing a child into the world
  • She or the baby may face health risks
  • She’s socially not ready to have a baby (young; not wanting her family or community to know she’s sexually active; afraid to tell her family she’s pregnant).

Abortions and trauma: what the studies say

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According to studies, 95% of women do not regret their decision to have an abortion.

Many short-term studies have focused on women’s feelings after having an abortion. In most cases, they have found that the women feel mixed emotions soon after the procedure, but the predominant feeling is one of relief.

Moreover, according to the data, it’s simply not true that large percentages of women come to regret their termination over time. It’s also inaccurate to say that they suffer from psychological harm. You can see the data ABORTION IS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE WITH NO PROBLEM AT ALL  call us now and get treated 0817033564

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