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Call Us +27817033564

Do not make a mistake of waiting.

Mthatha medical abortion Terminate early. The moment you feel changes in your body test and should you find that you are pregnant decide immediately the way forward.

Do not wait. Termination is a time sensitive decision. If you wait time will decide for you. You will not get help because the law will start acting against your wishes.
We’ve also included answers to the most common questions that women have after ending an early pregnancy.

You can learn about what to expect, and what is normal. It can help you to learn about what questions to ask if you need to call or what’s app the doctor. Sma

Abortion Pills From R300


From 13 to 26 weeks of gestation, the second-trimester abortion procedure is typically performed in one day.

Please contact our office Mthatha for more information.

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Safe Abortion pills same day +27817033564


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How to use Abortion Pills


Medical abortion (abortion by pills). Mthatha Abortion pills can successfully complete abortion from 45 minutes.

We also offer suction aspiration and surgical abortion procedures which are performed same time same day. Our experts will advise on which procedure that is suitable for you.

Our services are same day, no overnight stay or parental consent is is required. Just walk in during day Prices are affordable and negotiable.

We offer students discount. Only cash payments accepted for now till further notice.

We deliver abortion pills to your address when you order. Order call /what’s app. +27817033564

How long do i have to wait After an Abortion before going back to work?

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Women who have surgical abortions often return to work within a day or two after their abortion.
Women who have same day medical abortions Mthatha often require two full days off of work. Though we recommend taking it easy for the first week or so after your abortion procedure.
No heavy lifting or intense physical labor/workouts), most women feel physically capable of daily activities very soon after their abortion.
Doctor’s notes for missed work are available (Doctor’s notes never disclose details about your visit).+27817033564

Safe Abortion Pills Mthatha

from R300 if less than a month

Call Us +27817033564

 if you think you might be pregnant because you’ve missed your period, had unprotected sex or are experiencing other symptoms that make you think you might be pregnant.

we are here for you. Sma Abortion Clinic Mthatha you won’t find anyone who is judging you, forcing you to make a decision regarding your pregnancy or making money off your decision.

Instead, you’ll find caring women, many who are medical professionals that are available. +27817033564

Call Us +27817033564

If you really are pregnant, you’ll find helpful peer coaches who will help you explore every option you have and help walk you through the process.

Here at Sma Abortion Clinic Mthatha we believe that every woman
 should be able to make choices in her pregnancy.

Our job is to provide compassionate care, safety, affordable and confidential services. That’s why we have won the trust from all +27817033564

Safe Abortion Clinic In Mthatha Use Pills


Many women are unaware that there are two non surgical methods that are best for ending early pregnancy: the Manual Aspiration procedure, and the Abortion Pill.

These methods are gentle to the body, and do not cause problems for future pregnancy.

There is no scarring because there is no electric suction or sharp instruments.

We help compare your options to help you make a better decision


CALL +27817033564

Call Us +27817033564

When abortion is successful & done you need to clean your womb, you will bleed for 1-4 weeks, and nothing is allowed inside for 2 weeks, No tampons, Bath(only showers) and No fingers or Penis. If it was unsuccessful, you have to come back to our (Gyn) to +27817033564

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